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Greetings! And welcome to our minidoll world.

MDL provides a nuturing atmosphere for members to create 1:12 scale dolls (in a variety of mediums) since 1999. We also offer help at little or no cost with our RAK program (Random Acts of Kindness).

1. Join in the discussions (via email) on our lively IO group forum and share miniature doll techniques with over 1500 members. 2. Read our QUICK GUIDE to working the website. You can also view us on FACEBOOK, or take online classes.




Enjoy a fun holiday tradition by sending out (and receiving) a Christmas Holiday card in our MDL Christmas Swap. (send one card/receive one card).

To join in the fun - simply email by November 9th at midnight. Please include your snail mail address.

Susan will use the weekend to compile names - and send out your CHRISTMAS CARD SWAP partner to you via email. Then simply find a very special card - and snail mail it by end of month so our international customers can receive it on time.

**PLEASE NOTE** .... Postage is only $1.25 for foreign customers - but if you wish only US members - please let her know. SUSAN is NOT responsible for any content/missing cards. She is a wonderful Volunteer compiling names and we so appreciate her kindness.



Gratis online dollmaking classes Monday in November
11am and 7pm CST (Chicago Time zone)
NOTES by Moonyeen. Click classroom to join in the fun. - to purchase your hair to practice.

NOVEMBER Moderators - Lavish Victorian

(which is one of the reason's we're doing Sarah Winchester <G>)

EVERYONE that signed up to moderate was put into a drawing for January's DIOR COUTURE doll kit (roombox project by Kathi M and Debbie J). WINNER: DEB LAUE

1 Kim Cunningham
2 Conni H
3 Marilyn Hughes
4 Di Fisher
5 DANA ( - teaches CURL CLASS (see above)
6 Deb Laue
7 Selling Day (no mods)
8 Deborah Napper
9 Teresa
10 Carrie Lourenco
11 Jennifer Schwabe
12 Dana ( - teaching BUNS, BRAIDS and BUMPS (see above)
13 Nell Pappas
14 Selling Day (no mods)
15 Gloria Hermans
16 Susie Mendoza
17 Annie Ross
19 Dana (
20 Marianne Assleman
21 Selling Day (no mods)
22 Shelly Norris
23 Nathalie Gireaud
24 Misty Black
26 Dana (
27 Jean Pearson
28 Selling Day (no mods)
29 Marg Lawrence
30 Shelly HY

Nov/Dec Group Project

Sarah Winchester (see movie for ideas!)
Photo contest deadline January 10th, 2018

Categories ...
#1 - Doll in Room box scene
#2 - Doll & Portrait Painter set
#3 - Doll (single)
#4 - Beginner (making dolls under 1 year)
#5 - Best props


WINNER Lynn Bennett won ALL FOUR categories according to the polls.  WOW!!!!!!
Lynn has been shipped (4) first place blue ribbons Congrats and JOB well done!

The RANDOM Grand prize drawing from all entries ($50 gift certificate from DANA) was awarded to MARLENE V!

See Entries
#1 - Room Box
#2 - Doll (Rhonda)
#3 - Cat (Rivet)
#4 - Prop

Purse Contest WINNER

To view the Entries

2019 List Subjects/THEMEs

Jan - Dior/Couture Month (project by Kathi & Deb)
Feb - Lord of the Rings
Mar - American Frontier
April - Roaring 20's
May - Actress with clothing rack
June - Mary Queen of Scots/Queen Elizabeth
July - Downtown Abbey
August - Gothic
Sept - Mythology
October 1800's Toy/Doll shop
Nov - Father Christmas

Jewelry Contest Winners


GRAND PRIZE DRAWING winner is Susan Clark!!!
She won a $50 gift certificate from DANA.

Witch #1 - Susan C

Victorian #4 - Sandrine D

Contemporary #4
Adriana S

Beginner - Jane L

Misc - #2 Susan C



view the


Room Box Contest WINNERS

A warm applause goes out to the winner of the FAV roombox contest ...

View all the beautiful entries...

2018 Events & Contest Winners

View our Themes and Calendar
- monthly CONTEST
- & MODERATOR listings

HOW TO MODERATE and the winners of each month's contests ...

FACEBOOK is the link to our presence on Facebook. If you don't have time to read all the emails in the group - but would like to keep up on the happenings ... simply check out the FACEBOOK page ran by our own Marianne Asselman! is the link to our CONVENTION page on Facebook! Shelly Hawley-Yan has taken over this task ... to broadcast any new updates about our wonderful upcoming 2018 convention on this social media platform!



GYPSY Convention - Thank you to all

What a wonderful time - now its on to creating all those beautiful class kits!
PHOTOS for the GALLERY are now coming in ... Click HERE to view



WINNERS - January 2018

DOLLY, Teddybear & Rag Doll Categories - 2" and under

Page 1 - the DOLL entries - Deb Dixon-Paver
Page 2 - the TEDDY entries - Diane F
Page 3 - the Rag Doll entries - Deb Dixon-Paver

RANDOM $25 Gift Certificate Drawing Winner - Cheryl S

December Contest Winners

view entries ....


We do hate rules, but find they are necessary for a smooth running of a social network. We cannot fine you, but we can ask that you abide by the simple Rules set out below. We want this list to be FUN and encouraging. By abiding by the rules, you ensure that MiniDollList IS a fun, safe, and sharing place.

Rule #1 - Basic computer courtesy
A. Do not FLAME or SHOUT (use all capital letters) or attack anyone on the list in public. If you have a problem with rules or something said, email Kathi at
B. Are you posting a note OFF TOPIC; place OT in subject line
C. Complete the subject line. Often empty subject lines suggest SPAM and we do not want that.
D. When at all possible - respond in private for chit chat/non-doll subjects. Better yet, join the Posse group in the chat room on Thursdays and Sundays.

Rule #2 – Signature lines
A. Signature lines may not exceed three (3) lines. Name, web, or saying, no pictures.
B. Signature lines should all be in the same font and all the same size.
C. Dana Burton owns this site and her signature is just three lines.

Rule #3 - Posting Sales and making requests
Please remember selling is a privilege and not a right.
A. Sales on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
Post personal items on these days only along with auctions if you have them. Being on Digest does not change these rules. Please attempt to sell only as designated. You may ask people to visit your Blog, website or to visit an auction site. You may list dolls for sale, doll supplies, tutorials, miniatures, on-line class, classes, and Shows or Miniature Meetings in your area.
B. Auto mailing
We discourage automatic, automated, or robotic sales. Please take the time to feature and item and post it.
Post MiniDollU classes at any time, but not more than once a day. Please see to keep abreast of announcements.
C. Request for items
If you are searching for an item, please ask for a link or information to the list on any day. However, complete transactions privately and not on the forum.
D. Moderators may sell on their moderating day.