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First to sell or bid on items on MOA you must be registered! Next step is
to add money to your account! Right now your options for adding money to
your account is through paypal although recently I have been accepting
checks through the mail and crediting accounts. So if you need something
like that holler and we can talk about it! We are looking into alternative
payment systems.

To add Money to your account:
In the left column OR across the top of the page click on add cash on left OR click on Account Manager
Follow the instructions.

Now that you have added cash to your account you can begin selling.

Click on Sell new item
Choose which type of auction you want:
A) Standard
B) Dutch, this one is where you can list multiple items
C) Fixed

Next is your title! Some of my artisan seller's actually add their name to
the title to enable their buyers to find their items faster

Length of auction! HOw quickly do you want your money! Lol, you have 1, 3,
5, 7 and 10 days to choose from. The 10 day auctions do have an added fee.

Category! Our main category is Dollhouse Miniatures, click on the drop down
box and for a doll choose dolls and accessories.

Location, sometimes people like to see where the item is that they are
bidding on!

Details, add the description of your doll! We also use this area for the
shipping fees remember too that if you are willing to ship worldwide say
something like contact me or put a fee in.

Payment Methods, choose which payment methods you are willing to accept.

Shipping, choose where you are willing to ship too. My biggest complaint
from non USA people is that sellers are not willing to sell worldwide. I am
not sure if my sellers have an issue with this or they just don't check the

Start price:
Reserve if you are wanting an exact dollar amount
BIN pretty self explanatory, you put in the fee you want for your doll.

Extra's add fun grabber's to your doll listings! If there is an added fee
it is in red

Click NEXT

The next area is where you double check all of your entries, scroll down and
you will see your fee total, if you need to change somehting click edit, if
you are happy click START THE ITEM,

When the next area loads it is time to add those photos. You can upload 5
photos of your doll free of charge!

Click browse, choose your pictures.
Click upload images

You are done! Your item is up and ready to sell.....

Shelly ~
Ebay Alternative Auction Site