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How To Sell Dolls on EBay compiled by Linda - THANK YOU!

The Listing:
1. Good clear pictures (at least 2). Take a large number of photos and select the best. Use a solid background in some of the pictures so that your customer is not distracted and the details on your item stand out.
2. Consider customers on dial up who may be discouraged from bidding because of the time it takes to download large picture files.
3. Detailed Accurate Description of Product
v Scale of doll (1" 1'2" etc)
v Actual height of doll in inches
v Historical description of clothing
v Fabric used
4. Format the description into paragraphs to make reading easier. Keep the font size and colours consistent, Avoid using capital letters when giving directions for payment. This can be intimidating. Go for a well laid out presentation without a lot of fancy extras.
5. Try to give as much written info on your items as possible. List any additional laces and trims.
6. Describe all imperfections precisely, as pictures may not present problem areas accurately. If possible take a picture and refer to it.
7. Know your market; use Buy It Now or Best Offer, a reserve or the auction feature, depending on what you are selling and the demand for it. With all the new rules on eBay read carefully to make sure they are acceptable to you. They're especially hard on new buyers or those that aren’t power sellers.
8. Mailing details – accurate shipping costs are important. If the shipping listed in the auction seems excessive, customers will move on.
9. A reasonable beginning bid

Customer Service
1. Pay attention to packaging, particularly with fragile items.
2. Consider the length of the auction – keep to less than 10 days.
3. Try to sell something every week. Your customers will look for you and get to know your work. Customers like doll makers who deliver quickly, are easy to deal with and can “go with the flow.”
4. Reply to customer questions promptly and courteously.
5. Ship the same or next business day after payment is received. Buyers really appreciate that. Folks don't want to wait for their items.
6. Don't charge for handling. There are free boxes that the post office will deliver straight to your door for free and come in several sizes. Order them online. Delivery is usually less than 2 weeks.
7. Use a postal scale and put the weight on the auction with your zip so folks can calculate what shipping will be. Charge exactly what it costs to ship. The Paypal shipping calculator is not always accurate, sometimes off by a "LOT". Pay for shipping online with UPS. Use the free carrier pickup. Don't make up in shipping what is lost in the auction. That's a real taboo for buyers. Just start the auction out high enough that it will make what you need.

Keep a list of favourite sellers (on eBay), which will notify you when they have put something up for auction.
Contact the seller as soon as the auction ends. Determine the price with shipping and pay for the item the instant an auction ends. Then contact the seller. Waiting a week until payday to pay is not acceptable. If the money is not in an account to pay immediately, don’t bid.
Leave feedback. With the new rules, if you don't, it lowers the sellers star ratings. That can really hurt a seller. They appreciate interest in their work, and constructive comments.