Gluing Solutions

THANK YOU to our members for these suggestions.

Gluing tips for making your doll ...

Patty: 1!. I laways use Aleene's white glue for my clothing and apply it
with a takes a bit longer but I feel I have more
control over the quantity I use.

I have used Zap-A-Gap super glue when attaching limbs on jointed
dolls. It scares me though and am afraid to have my finger attached
to the doll too....LOL......Be very Careful!

When I am dressing the toddlers I will stitch the part of the dress
that I want to gather.....two rows of stitches matched up so when I
pull on the threads it gathers evenly.

I was going to use Fabric Tac(once)quick dry glue but didn't like
the "stringiness" of it and also read that it has a bit of acetone
in it to make it dry fast.....not good for polymer will
melt the clay and leave marks on the doll.....not worth the anxiety
in using it.

If I ever need to glue an opject in a babies hand...pacifier,bottle,
etc. I use E6000 is very strong and your item will stay
in place!!


I like the Aleene's quick tack glue in the purple bottle for everything!  I use a bit of super glue gel to quick set arms and legs while assembling.  The glue*Aleene's* will even bond the most stubborn polyester with heat!  Dries completely clear and is flexible.  I will say that once it drys on a surface it won't come off easily, so put it on a paper you can throw away or in a jar and cover when finished.  It works well in a syringe too.
Mini hugs,


What type of glue and why?

I used to use Grrrip. (WWWaaaahhhhhhh! They are now out of business.) I do use a fabric glue that professional drapery makers use. Here we call it "fringe glue". It has all the wonderful properties that Grrip had, clear drying, flexible, non staining, etc. This is my general purpose miniature doll dressing glue. (Aleene's is nice, as is Sobo)

For that special thing that can't be glued any other way, I hate it most of the time, but nothing beats Fabri-Tac for special effects and fabrics. It has some really cool properties. And it sits on my desk.

Do you use Super glue at all and what kind?

Yes. But mostly for putting bodies together. I do use it as little as possible in dollmaking. But for me "Locktite" is the only product. It comes in a gel and dispenses perfectly. I could not think of using anything else.

Special gluing methods.
Hmmm. I often wait for the glue to "tack up a bit" before pressing fabrics together. I use an iron. I also use a needle tool to touch, spread, spot glues and other things. It is my all purpose tool to keep my fingers off he fabrics and my special secret for keeping white fabrics clean. Don't touch them. Use a needle tool.

What do you glue? Whenever a stitch would ruin the scale, I glue. I have no preconditions to making the little clothes. I stitch, I glue, whatever it takes to make it look as neat and perfect as I am capable of making it.

Special things:
I use wonder under and stitch witchery if that makes the job better also.

Kathi R. Mendenhall, IGMA Artisan

Also I sometimes use small alligator clips to hold two fabrics together when
drying, such as hems. Some fabrics don't instantly bond.


3. Do you have any special gluing methhods?
I usually use a toothpick or one of those plastic stirs with the flat end that are found at
McDonald's for putting glue on laces and trims. I also use a syringe for thin lines, buttons,
4. What types of things do you glue? Seams, hems only, sleeves, everything
... Beading?
I glue just about anything... hems, seams, lace, trims, chenille for attatching doll's arms and
legs, hair, buttons, accessories, etc


Whilst we are on the subject of glue I meant to say earlier that if you have glued somewhere that is easily accessable eg. a hem, you don't have to wait for it to dry you can gently iron with a warm iron.

1. What type of glue do you use and why? I always used to use Aleenes Tacky but have just gone over to Fabritac, it's a bit stringy when you use it but it dries really quickly if you're impaitient (I always want to go onto the next stage asap!)

I glue everthing I can, it gives a much better finish, it's quicker and I only ever get my needle out for waistlines.
Mary Williams


1. What type of glue do you use and why?
First let me say that I won't mention all the glues I use for
different kind of scenery/flowers, so here I go:
- Textile glue (HT 2 from Gütermann) thinned down with acetone for
Why? It doesn't come lose when wet.
- Api's Crafter's Pick The Ultimate! for leather, beads and other hard
to hold items. This is a white superglue, looks like Aleene's Tacky
glue but works much faster. You do have to clean little mistakes very
Why? Right now I'm making a leather golfbag and this was the only glue
that really hold the smallest pieces together in a strong and flexible
- Aleene's Tacky glue, the one in the gold bottle for hats and fabric.
Why? You can use it for almost anything.
- Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue for harder to glue fabrics.
Why? Holds fabric where the original tacky doesn't.
- Zap-A-Gap, to assemble dollbody.
Why? Because it's so thin, it flows everywhere and gives a strong but
NOT flexible bond. Also great for repairing broken porcelain dolls. It
can be to `flowy' for some of us. It's not an `easy' glue to use.
- Mod Podge, gloss and matt, to apply jewellery (matt) and seal them
Why? It's works great for jewellery and I like it that I can glue with
one and seal with the other without getting into trouble by using a
different type of sealer/brand.
- Wood glue by Bison.
Why? I could be a bit off topic here but I consider printies as a part
of doll accessories so I like to share with you that I use wood glue
(but also Aleene's tacky) to glue my printies. Esp. on thicker/heavier

2. Do you use a *super glue* at all --- and if so what kind?
Yes, Zap-A-Gap and `The Ultimate!'

3. Do you have any special gluing methods?
For applying lines (think hems) I use a syringe or little gluebottle
with small tip.
For applying a little bit I use a toothpick. Also for cleaning too
much glue I use a wet CLEAN toothpick.
For larger areas I use a brush.
For even larger areas I use a `credit card' to get the layer of glue
even and everywhere.

I make sure my workspace is flat and clean.

If I don't use my glue directly out of the bottle I put a bit on a
tile, saucer or a piece of common baking paper (handy for super glue,
after use you can toss the piece of baking paper away).

I loved Stacy Hofman's tip about spreading glue on the back of your
hand and than put the lace on it to get glue on your lace in a
beautiful way without `blobs'.

4. What types of things do you glue? Seams, hems only, sleeves, everything
... Beading?
Everything esp. beading no-hole beads. But I try to sew everything I
can sew first apart from hems. I always glue the hems.

Best wishes,


Aleenes white glue that dries clear. Also hot glue gun occasionally, if it makes whatever easier to apply.
Rosemary in Portugal


1. What type of glue do you use and why?

I love Aleene's Tacky Glue for general gluing of fabrics and such.
Aleene's Super Tacky is awesome for wigging because it sets up much
quicker and cuts down on the waiting time. Then I also use Crafters
Super Glue Gel when I want a permanent and super strong, but flexible

2. Do you use a *Super Glue* at all---and if so what kind?

I use Crafters Super Glue Gel mostly when I am putting my dolls on a
stand and I want a REALLY GOOD and firm hold. This is important when
the draping will be quite heavy and you can't afford to have that
doll's pose move at all! Works nicely to for attaching some types of
accessories becuase it gives you a bit more time to play before it
sets up compared to traditional super glue.

3. Do you have any special gluing methods?

NOPE....whatever gets the job done the easiest and with the least
messy fingers <G>.

4. What types of things do you glue? Seams, hems only, sleeves,

I glue as much of everything as possible. I think it helps eliminate
bulk and is so much easier to do then teeny tiny stitching! Of
course, there are times when you have to break down and pull out the
needle and thread. I think you have to see what works best for YOU
and what you are most comfortable with.