Scavenger Hunt Contest Links

9 wonderful members sent in links for our Trailer Park accessories: Evelyn, Carol B, Hellie, Klara, Sol, Marilyn P, Cathy, Marlene, and Marsha M.

HOW TO Links for creating that special accessory:

1. Picnic Table Directions:

both are full size ones, convertable to miniature:
(scroll down to: 13 picknick tafel. It’s in Dutch but I do think the pictures are clear enough)

2. Food How to:

All American Backyard BBQ by Mary Eccher, may she rest in peace

Making Peaches
Making Green apples
Making a cake

Hot dogs!

YouTube mini cookie demo

YouTube mini foods - great ideas here (but not a how to)


3. Grill & accessories:

For charcoal, cut of the tip of well burned matches.
bbq utensil kit -

Plans for a full size brick grill - could be adapted to mini

A picnic basket tutorial

4. Apron or Glove accessories:

Kits for making aprons and gloves

both are full size ones, convertable to miniature:

Apron and glove

Make a mini apron - this design could work for a doll


5. Bowl, Cups etc:

6. OTHER fun items:

Cooler plates bowls and so on Dutch, but lots of pictures picnic hamper  a lot of food and dishes and so on, it is japanees, but just click on the left side and you wil find the how to's, pictures say enough., barbeque, scrol down to find the directions italian, not a picnictable, I know that I have seen one, but can't finf it, but a Hammock gives me the best vacation feeling. mniature picnictable, dutch, but pictures say enough it's  directions for normal scale, but can easaly be adapted to miniature scale.  sodabottles  dutch, scroll down to get the pattern of the apron.

Jungle prints for an underwear tutorial - thought it could be used for fabric?
Mini folding chair pattern (no directions):
Charcoal briquets - found this tip on a pdf download from Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club: Save your burnt wooden matches (or buy some to burn on purpose). Cut off the tips after they are well burnt, and you will have some very convincing miniature charcoal briquets for your barbecue.